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The media's discussions of the democratic deficit

In the last few months of 2013, the BBC, Guardian, and other UK media have given much coverage and discussion to exactly those problems that the RDP was created to deal with. Surveys have been showing that the overwhelming proportion of the UK electorate are now recognised as very disenchanted with the House of Commons and politicians in general. And they are not apathetic but rather angry and frustrated at a seeming lack of any options to change things (but only because they haven't yet heard of the RDP!).

BBC Radio 4's PM program in particular had a whole series of interactions between listeners sending in their suggestions and panels of experts giving their judgements thereon.

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The basics of the RDP

This page gives just an outline of the basic ideas of the Real Democracy Party. A fuller presentation of the ideas and the evidence which proves them can be found elsewhere such as in the book The Future is Here! If you have any doubts about anything this leaflet says, be sure to check out that full information about it.

A multifaceted crisis

People are not being properly made aware of the considerable challenges the world faces. These challenges are environmental, social, political, moral and economic. They fall within a syndrome of decadence of the civilisation on which we all depend.

The failure of campaigning

An enormous amount of campaigning effort has tried to reverse these deteriorations, but while this has helped a bit, the negative changes continue to dwarf the positive ones. Continuing as before is not an acceptable option!

The various methods of campaigning - pressure groups, lobbying, demos, media writing, direct action, personal example, etc - have all proved insufficient because they do not change the system. They swim vainly against the tide rather than modifying the tidal machinery. They do not tackle the central problems, of governments which are the cause of problems rather than their solution.

The central problems

Under capitalism the most profitable businesses predominate. But the most profitable is invariably harmful to the environment and to society and to morals. Big biz capitalism needs to be regulated by governments. But in practice governments do not regulate big biz but instead act as its servants.

The reason for this can be seen by analysing the key causality of power in our "democratic" societies.

Big business controls the media. And the media have a huge impact on the outcome of elections, partly by their misinformation, and partly thanks to a minority of casual voters who are easily persuaded by superficial electioneering. Consequently, big biz controls who gets elected. They also have much influence through party funding. It cannot be overemphasised that we have government by criminals for criminals - criminalocracy rather than democracy. This is soundly proven fact, not idle speculation.

A key point

The superficial mass-electioneering process plays a key role in enabling big biz to control the government. Any solution to the severe problems we face must change that key causality.


The RDP has carefully and exhaustively studied numerous alternatives for changing the system, for example, proportional representation, or electronic referendums on everything. The only satisfactory solution we have found is one which has been the subject of much practical research in various countries, indeed several books have been written about it. This solution is the selection of representatives by random selection, as is used for jury service. There are many options in devising a system involving random selection, and many would be spectacularly bad, but naturally we have the option of introducing the best - which we call Realdem.

Our system

We propose to use the existing system of constituencies, and randomly select one MP from the electoral register of each. Those who are unwilling to serve will not be selected from. Strict conditions of being an MP will ensure that corruption is properly held in check.

The finer details of the system will be kept under review by a Real Democracy Commission, which will be appointed by a special procedure to ensure that corrupt undermining will not take place.

Various seemingly plausible objections to realdem can be dreamt up. We have answered them all in another leaflet, called Objections to Realdem.

Making it happen!

This is not just a pie-in-the-sky theoretical scheme, but something which we are in the process of turning into reality. The Real Democracy Party has been founded with the sole purpose of introducing a Real Democracy Act to establish the new political system. The Real Democracy Party has several huge advantages over the existing dinosaur parties. It is an utterly unstoppable movement which will inevitably revolutionise politics in both the UK and around the world.

We will not be needing huge advertising budgets to promote ourselves. We will not be depending on the media. Instead we are using network marketing - members telling other people who then tell others. We show our members just how to go about signing up further members.

The other parties cannot copy us in this; they belong to the past and have no future.

For further info please firstly contact your sponsor or in case of difficulty contact us direct:-

Real Democracy Party, 0121 456 4274
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Our proposed new political system (realdem) is the outcome of many years of research and discussion and thinking, but we at RDP HQ do not reckon to delude ourselves that we have a highway to perfection. Not least, any political system is itself inherently a politically-contentious matter, with no absolutely "correct" answer to the questions involved in its design. For that reason an important function of the RDP is going to be not only the practical introduction of realdem, but also the organisation of consultation and debate about its various options. And as part of that, we invite you to let us know your thoughts about the present proposals.

See all these broken promises from the Labour, Conservative, and LibDem timewasting dinosaur parties
Egypt's Arab Spring would not have needed a second revolution if they had introduced a Real Democracy system with their first. The notion that a strongly divided nation can be somehow usefully "led" by one man should be obviously unsound, even if he did have the support of a majority of the voters (which was maybe not the case anyway).
"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."